Contour Gauges

Contour gauges are indispensable measuring tools for obtaining precise and reliable measuring results in a minimum of time. They are the time-saving solution to accurately transfer all kinds of shapes, such as curves, edges, or cutouts.

Order no.: 1401203

This contour gauge is available in lengths of 150 mm and 200 mm. The longer versions (200 mm) can be plugged together indefinitely in order to be able to map even long profiles or contours, which results in both increased accuracy and time savings when transferring shapes. The enclosed folding square, plugged in at the side, allows the tool to be adjusted in all directions. If the profile to be mapped is deformed to a greater extent, the needles can be pulled beyond the holder.

Order no. (400 mm): 1401205
Order no. (1000 mm): 1401206