Milestones in Our Company's History

1928          The company Jakob Metzger KG is founded in Albstadt-Onstmettingen.

1960          The company moves into its newly built headquarters at Heinrich-Heine-Straße
1960          45. Specializing in the manufacturing of both measuring and special tools, it
1960          employs up to 160 workers.

1988          Eberhard Boss takes over the company Jakob Metzger KG.

1994          The company has to file for bankruptcy due to the economic crisis in the 1990s.

1995          Today's company RB-Messwerkzeuge GmbH is founded at Zellerhornstraße 57 in
1995          Albstadt-Onstmettingen with 7 employees.

1998          RB-Messwerkzeuge implements a quality management system compliant with the
1998          requirements of DIN EN ISO 9001:2008.

2006          Management and staff move into the former and newly renovated headquarters at
2006          Heinrich-Heine-Straße 45.

2009          RB-Messwerkzeuge takes over the company Messzeugbau Reichenbach GmbH.

2012          Michael Gonser joins the company as CEO and shareholder.

2014          RB-Messwerkzeuge merges with Messzeugbau Reichenbach at the current
2014          location in Albstadt-Onstmettingen.

2015          Michael Gonser takes over the company RB-Messwerkzeuge.

2017          The company updates its quality management system to meet the requirements
2017          of DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.

2018          RB-Messwerkzeuge invests in the Hermle C250U and thus in high-performance
2018          5-axis CNC-machining technology.

2020          RB-Messwerkzeuge GmbH sponsors the planting of 200 trees
2020          in Baden-Württemberg's fit4future forest.

2023          The company integrates robotics into their 5-axis CNC-manufacturing process
2023          with a NACHI loading robot.