Precision Measuring Equipment and Special Tools by RB-Messwerkzeuge

Every business needs reliable partners.

You have found yours: RB-Messwerkzeuge.

Whether you need measuring tools from our product portfolio or are looking for a trusted partner to manufacture your designs in single-item or serial production,
RB-Messwerkzeuge will be the perfect choice for you.



Turning Ideas into Products

Ready to turn your product idea into reality?

Our technicians design your components with SolidWorks and use SolidCam and iMachining to create the required CNC programs for our turning and milling machines.


You need a prototype prior to full-scale production?

3D-printing technology allows us to model your designs within 24 hours.

First Article Sample and Inspection Report

You require a first article sample with inspection report?

Our temperature-protected measuring room and calibrated Zeiss coordinate measuring machine provide the ideal environment and equipment to deliver measurement results of highest accuracy.

Small or Full-Scale Production

Today a single item, tomorrow a whole series of products?

Whatever your request – single-item or serial production, – thanks to our first-class machinery, almost everything is possible.

Product Branding

Your products need marking after heat and surface treatment?

Any product branding is possible with our laser-marking machines.

We ship fully compiled assemblies with operating and safety instructions, and provide for packaging and labeling requirements.

Your products will be delivered to you directly by parcel service, shipping company, or our subcontractor.

What to look for in an Original Equipment Manufacturer?

The answer’s quite simple:

RB-Messwerkzeuge, your carefree solution.