General information


1. Measurements

Dimensions which are not according to any DIN are approximate dimensions.

These approx. dimensions can exceed general free tolerances because of tolerances of the raw material.

2. Calibration

For many measuring instruments we can provide a calibration service at our company.

We set up our own air-conditioned measuring laboratory which is equipped, among other things, with calibrated 3D-Zeiss-measuring machine.

All testing devices are traceable to national standards.

These tests are made preferably on basis of the guidelines VDI/VDE/DGQ 2618.

Digital factory certificates with customer address/logo are available upon request.

Measuring instruments which are made to factory standards can be tested only according to the relevant factory standard.

We ask for your understanding that, in case of a negative calibration of measuring devices by another calibration laboratory, we do not assume any liability and no obligation to reimburse costs.

Discounts or reductions for the calibration cannot be granted.

3. Illustrations and weights are not binding.

4. Changes are reserved without prior notice.




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